Baby Care

Baby care diaper manufacturer will supply high quality baby diapers for you. Diapers are commonly used daily necessities for infants, which are the general designation of diapers, diapers and pull-up pants. Dry diaper can make baby keep sleeping all night, because of strong water absorption, it is commonly known as "diaper". Among them, super absorbent resin (SAP) is an excellent material for making baby diaper, which is made of starch and acrylic acid salt as the main raw materials; the outstanding feature is that the water absorption and storage capacity is amazing.

Diapers are made of non-woven fabrics, lined with materials that only let air in and out, but not water molecules in and out. Therefore, although the air permeability can not be compared with pure cloth, the air permeability is much better than that of "full version" traditional diapers. With the continuous improvement of the production process, the function of urine leakage prevention and urine absorption has been improved from the single function of leak proof and urine absorption to both leak proof and air permeability, as well as a variety of functions such as elastic waist and three-dimensional leak proof partition.