TANT is one of the world's leading suppliers of disposable personal hygiene products, based in Fujian Province China. As a professional personal care products manufacturer, specializes in designing, marketing and manufacturing of disposable personal care products, we have focused on personal care products manufacturing that excels others in quality, performance, and uniqueness for many years.

Being a reliable partner, we believe in a long-term relationship, we uphold the highest standard of quality and provide comprehensive, cost-effective, competitive and innovative product solutions to accelerate our customers' growth.

Our Advantages

1.Pprofessional supplier for one-stop solution of hygienic products

Our products are exported to many countries ,such as US, UK, Philippines, new Zealand and many other countries all over the world. Our experience could help you more competitive to be a market leader in your country, or help you to avoid many mistakes if your new business.

2.Competitive Price.

Our price is not the lowest but quiet reasonable. Basing on our quality control system and service, we believe it is very competitive and could bring you success on business.

3.Our goal 

Our goal is to help our clients have their own brands for disposable hygiene products effectively and comfortably. Our clients' success in their markets are our success!